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EmergenZ™ Enterprise Solutions

EmergenZ™ identifies threats using cutting-edge sensor technologies, wireless data and advanced analytics, enabling security professionals to respond using enhanced situational intelligence and to mitigate emergency events.

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Protect Employees
Give response teams and security personnel the power to declare ‘all-clear’.View Video
Protect Assets
Give security personnel the ability to track and secure valuable assets.View Video
Protect Facilities
Give response teams and security personnel a live view of where people are located in a facility during an emergency.View Video
Protect Perimeters
Give response teams and security personnel the ability to monitor and respond to intrusion alerts at remote facilities. View Video
Our Mission

To provide real-time situational intelligence to security professionals, empowering them to make informed decisions during dynamic emergency events.

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OffSite Vision EmergenZ™ Asset Secure Selected by Simplex Grinnell for CUNY College Asset Tracking Solution


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