EmergenZ™ Evacuation and Response Solutions

EmergenZ Evacuation


24/7 accountability of your most valuable assets – your people!

Emergency response teams and security personnel need accurate location data to identify if people have exited or may still be inside a facility. EmergenZ Evacuation detects and sends location reports to command centers and kiosks in muster/assembly areas. Upon arrival, responders immediately have access to real-time location reports that account for everyone that has exited the building. Heightened situational awareness that saves time also can save lives!

EmergenZ Evacuation accounts for whether people have exited or may be still inside a facility.

  • Identify & account for everyone that has exited a facility
  • Access to real-time on demand location snapshots
  • Real-time reports for every designated entrance/exit location
  • Enhanced  decision making during dynamic emergency situations
  • Optional coverage for elevators, stairwells, utilities or hazardous material areas and key emergency contacts


Our open infrastructure provides 24/7 cloud-based Machine to Machine (M2M) Software as a Service (SaaS) security solutions that are portable, self-sustaining and interoperable with other systems. It delivers critical business intelligence needed during emergency and other operational facility events. OSVH is committed to delivering security options that maximize the capabilities of M2M and offer affordable, open, highly scalable solutions – solutions that never seemed possible before.
EmergenZ Real-time Security & Safety Solutions are available to Government through CWPS SEWP V Contract and EPS/Seneca (A Certified 8(A) Company). Government inquiries please call us at 1.844.619.5100 Ext 2.

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