EmergenZ Evacuation and Response Solutions

EmergenZ Outdoor Secure


24/7 real-time wireless intrusion detection & alerts … without restrictions!

Emergency response teams, security personnel and facility managers need immediate and accurate security intelligence that identifies intrusion events immediately – where the breach is occurring in any outdoor perimeter area or zone.No intrusion should go undetected. Detect and proactively mitigate threats before they escalate!

Heightened situational awareness that significantly reduces a facility’s vulnerabilities from unauthorized access!

EmergenZ Outdoor Secure accurately detects intrusion and virtually eliminates false alerts caused by vibration, random movement and average temperature variations.

  • Specialized dual technologies detect both presence and movement
  • Dynamic radio mesh network
  • Immediate zone notifications to anyone, anywhere when a breach occurs
  • Wireless communications gateway with management access from any device
  • Open interoperable API’s that integrate with other security technologies
  • Consistent reliability & performance in severe environmental conditions
  • Eliminate connected power source restrictions


Our open infrastructure provides 24/7 cloud-based Machine to Machine (M2M) Software as a Service (SaaS) security solutions that are portable, self-sustaining and interoperable with other systems. It delivers critical business intelligence needed during emergency and other operational facility events. OSVH is committed to delivering security options that maximize the capabilities of M2M and offer affordable, open, highly scalable solutions – solutions that never seemed possible before.
EmergenZ Real-time Security & Safety Solutions are available to Government through CWPS SEWP V Contract and EPS/Seneca (A Certified 8(A) Company). Government inquiries please call us at 1.844.619.5100 Ext 2.

Let us show you how you can more effectively respond to and mitigate crisis situations.

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