the value proposition


Concerns about interoperability, 24/7 staffing support, ongoing data center costs, high maintenance efforts, extensive training – gone. We can do most of the heavy lifting for you.

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Mitigate Risks – Situational Awareness

Inclusive emergency management always involves prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. We add another vital component – real-time location intelligence that allows response teams to identify the location of people they can’t see – who is left in the building and where. This critical component strengthens the resilience needed for the safety of responders and the people that they serve – greater visibility and mitigated safety risks. Saving time saves lives.

The Bottom Line – Changing the Cost Paradigm

Our solutions include a cloud-based platform data delivery service with Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model that meets the needs and budgets of small, medium and large organizations. SaaS offers a much lower cost of entry and measureable ROI. On-site initial investments are typically higher. Organizations can save as much as 65% of infrastructure, 27% of software, 45% of system, and 76% of labor costs adopting subscription models.

Open Infrastructure – Self-sustaining and Interoperable

Our infrastructure and delivery platform easily integrates with other security systems including specialized “dual-function” device capabilities for high value asset tracking, climate control and other critical facility events. Our solutions are open, interoperable and use API’s that can integrate with other applications – solutions that grow with you.


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Security needs are highly influenced by their diversification. What works for one facility, may not be the best for another!

Our Approach

Site Assessment

Preliminary walk through, requirements and initial security configurations needed for people or other assets you need to account for.


Assessment of capabilities and accuracy of EmergenZ and final site walk through. If requested, a Statement of Work (SOW) for additional or optimized capabilities is submitted.


Fully managed installation/implementation process and training of security personnel and other key support staff.